Usability In The Kitchen

While updating our kitchen I incorporated a built in microwave that really meets my needs. We had already purchased a stove top and vented microwave. When the time came to install, I looked at the space and placement of the microwave and decided “that is not the best solution”. I am 5’3″ and reaching above the stove top for cooking or cleaning did not seem practical.

For many kitchens the normal place for the microwave is either above the stove or on the counter. My brother just built a house and the microwave has it’s designated counter position. I just added wonderful workspaces to my kitchen and did not want to give up any to this bulky yet necessary object.

I looked around the kitchen asking “where can I put the microwave where it is easy to use and not in the way?” I saw the empty pantry wall with hidden space behind. Since our microwave was already vented and included brackets for installation, this was a good fit.

We installed the microwave in the wall just above counter height. I can see what is inside, press the buttons, and clean up messes. My daughter can even use a small step stool to reach the buttons, making her that much more self sufficient.

There are so many things in our everyday lives that are accepted as “the normal way” even though they are not the best usable solution. With various products I wonder, who did “they” test this with? or did “they” test this? If “they” had just asked me, I could have helped.